<strong>11. Mining, Oil & Gas: Improved Efficiency, Safety & Compliance</strong>

11. Mining, Oil & Gas: Improved Efficiency, Safety & Compliance

Gain complete visibility and insight into your operations
Identify assets that are misplaced or stolen
Identify any unauthorized or inappropriate use of assets
Identify current location of Assets and availability, thereby ensuring maximum availability of Assets

Increased Safety:
Track the location and movement of personnel in real-time with alerts and reports. This helps in reduced non-compliance fines & better incident reporting. 3d Maps along with dynamic rules based engine provide your assets and personnel with a high level of safety and protects you from any legal damages. Monitor disaster evacuation(dwell time, average waiting period, alternate exit points etc) and plan for contingency.

Optimize vehicle utilization:
Telebeacon sensors with real-time vehicle tracking to reduces the likelihood of unscheduled unavailability and the risks that pose to Operations

Environmental Monitoring:
Temperature, Humidity, Lux & Soil Moisture Sensors integrated with Telebeacon Environment tag are useful in monitoring the harsh environment & Optimize energy use from ventilation-on-demand systems. Protects your assets, equipment and workers in harsh and challenging environment

Equipment & Vehicle Condition Monitoring:
Motion, Vibration & Accelerometer sensor integrated with Telebeacon Movement Tag is useful in Asset Movement, Usage and Equipment Condition Monitoring