<strong>360 Degrees Perimeter Intrusion Detection with Real-Time Tracking</strong>

360 Degrees Perimeter Intrusion Detection with Real-Time Tracking

360 Telebeacon Portable Kit

360 Telebeacon Fixed Mount

The First Line of Defence in Perimeter Intrusion Detection System employs the following techniques:

• Point to point detection systems
• Fixed Cameras
• PTZ Cameras
• Thermal Cameras
• Patrolling Guards

The problems with the above techniques are

• Difficult to setup
• Cannot Detect the Intruder after the Perimeter Breach
• Do not support Dynamic Software Based Zoning
• Too many components
• Difficult to train
• Expensive System
• False Alarms or Missed Alarms

Telebeacon 360 Degrees Solution: The system utilises the following Sensors in whole or in part, to detect Intrusion:
• Laser, Vibration Sensors & other Ground Based Sensors
• Seismic Sensors and other Underground Sensors

During the learning mode, the system scans the environment in 360 degrees and saves the data related to existing buildings, infrastructure, natural topography and any other existing obstructions in memory as a reference. This reference data is also saved in the backend Telebeacon Control Server for configuration of Alerts, Dynamic Software Zoning/Floor Plans using Graphical User Interface, Access Control & Lighting Automation, PTZ Cameras and Integration with third party Software & Hardware. In detection mode, the System creates an invisible wall, scans the environment and compares the real time data with the reference data in memory to detect Intrusion. It can track intruder in 360 degrees to cm precision. The system can detect the size of the intruder, total number of intruders and the direction and angle of the Intruder. The system automatically creates GIS/GPS data of the intruder on the floor plan/GIS/GPS maps. The System avoids Friendly Fire by equipping patrolling guards with GPS/Indoor Trackers.

The system supports both wired and wireless Communication simultaneously and available in the following configurations:
1. Fixed setup for existing Infrastructure
2. Portable Kit Configuration with sensors and required battery and solar power options for temporary setup used by Patrolling Units
3. Helmet mounted
4. Rover Mounted
5. Drone mounted

The system supports the following features:

1. Integration: The system supports integration with the following:
• Existing security system
• Strobe lights, warning devices
• Voice deterrent system

2. Self Diagnostics:
• Able to monitor battery status, sensor performance to ensure continuous System operation
• Conduct automatic periodic simulated test (When testing the performance of PIDS, the use of inbuilt Self Diagnostic Test is not recommended)

3. Reliability:
• The 2 Separate Detection Systems can be combined by ANDing their alarm outputs in order to minimize the false alarm.
• Support back-up/secondary communication link in the event of primary communication failure.

4. Tamper Detection: The System provides Tamper Protection by fitting tamper switches to removable cases, lids, covers and openings to sensors, wiring & components. An alarm will trigger if:

• Any cable is cut
• Any housing covers are removed or
• The Sensor is rotated or repositioned

5. Communication & Notification: The following features are supported by the System

• SMS Notifications
• Email Notifications
• Web Interface for Notification & System Monitoring
• Radio Communications: To remote locations
• Cellular Communications: To remote locations

6. Alarm Verification:
• The system is designed to verify false alarms by automatic verification of pre-alarm video/image.
• PTZ cameras are programmed automatically to pan, tilt and zoom on alarm activated perimeter area

7. Power: The system supports the following:
• Solar & Battery Power options
• Capable of signalling an alarm to an operator in the event of a power or UPS failure

8. Environmental Compensation: System is designed with environmental compensation circuit to eliminate false alarms & missed alarms caused by snow, fog, heavy rain, ice and misalignment

9. Security Control Software: The Security Control Software supports
• Software-controlled zoning,
• Customization of alarm priorities,
• User roles
• Integration with access control
• Third-party video management systems
• Integration with FPV(First Person View) Equipment
• Rules based Engine for event and schedule-based actions