<strong>2. Tracking Airport Assets & Hanger Maintenance</strong>

2. Tracking Airport Assets & Hanger Maintenance

Airports can track in real-time the location of wheelchairs, baggage trolleys, duty-free carts, fuel trucks, and employees, as well as high-value repair items and equipment within hangers

Real-Time Tracking of carry-on baggage

Temporary asset tagging for Aircraft components in Hangar

Track the tools managed by Main and Structural Tool Cribs in Airport Hangar, Real-time Audits (In Stores, In Hanger), Tracking of lost Tools with Location Id, Tracking of a Tool to current Loanee

Integration with ERP system

Proximity Control(HVAC, Lighting, Access Control)

Analytics(Energy usage, occupancy levels, heat maps)

Real-Time Tracking of an Asset

Real-Time Tracking of Employees & Automatic Job Assignment

Heat Maps: Energy Usage, Occupancy levels

Indoor Analytics