<strong>1. Hospital Asset Tracking, Patient Safety, Environment Monitoring</strong>

1. Hospital Asset Tracking, Patient Safety, Environment Monitoring

Hospital Asset Tracking
Utilizing an efficient and effective method for tracking, locating and managing assets creates efficiency and provides significant ROI. Imagine the possibilities if you can track in real-time patients, doctors, nurse & portable hospital equipment like portable X-ray machines, heart monitors, pulse oximeters, ECG machines, oxygen cylinders, steam sterilizers, infant incubators, oxygen inhalators, emergency beds & stretchers. Well it is now possible to track all of them with the help of Telebeacon tags. These tags are wireless battery operated sensors that can be attached to an asset or a person

Usage Patterns
Telebeacon Analytics platform provides usage patterns of expensive hospital assets, idle equipment, under utilized equipment and the reasons(lack of staff training/demand)

Security of Assets
When any of the equipment attached with the tag enters the exit zone without prior authorisation, the security alert will get triggered automatically alerting the security personnel

Infant & Young Patient Security
Wearable tags provide unparalleled protection by offering many security features. The tag of the infant can be paired with the tag of the infant mother. When the distance between the paired tags go beyond the set distance, security alarm is triggered. For tracking young patients, the dynamic security mechanisms ensures the patients do not leave the building without proper authorisation from the hospital staff

Wandering Patient Safety
The system helps caregivers keep track of all the residents under their care and protect them from wandering off into dangerous zones

Patient Fall Detection
With the help of wearable accelerometer tags it is now possible to detect patient fall and rush emergency medical staff to the exact location

Hospital Flow Management
Telebeacon system offers cutting edge technology to streamline and improve the Hospital Flow Management by providing real-time visibility of patients, staff, doctors, nurse and equipment. This also helps in increasing staff efficiency by providing instant location and patient flow information capabilities especially in ER that can have life-and-death impact in emergencies

Environment Monitoring
It is now possible to monitor temperature and humidity of hospital pharmacy storage rooms, ICU, OT & patient rooms by just placing battery operated Environment tags in the required location

Real-Time Tracking of Hospital Asset

Real-Time Tracking of Employees & Automatic Job Assignment

Heat Maps: Energy Usage, Occupancy levels