<strong>8. Construction: BIM integration with Asset Tracking</strong>

8. Construction: BIM integration with Asset Tracking

Construction Asset Tracking, Usage & Condition Monitoring:

Not only can we track construction assets on demand but also track the usage, unauthorised access, monitoring the condition of equipment by using Telebeacon Movement Tag integrated with Motion, Vibration & Accelerometer sensor. Our solution will help in the recovery of stolen or missing assets.

Worker Safety:
With the help of Geo-fencing feature, workers are warned in real-time not to enter specific zones without prior authorisation. This minimises accidents and insurance claims.

Indoor Navigation:
With the help of mobile app, construction workers & managers can search and navigate to the required asset or location.

BIM Integration & Workflow Optimisation:
It is now possible to location-enable many of Autodesk’s applications and documents with the integration of Autodesk Forge platform & Telebeacon Tracking System. This helps in workflow optimisation.

Construction Equipment that can be tracked for location, status, usage & condition monitoring:

1. Earth Moving Equipment
1.1 Excavators
1.2 Graders
1.3 Loaders
1.4 Skid loader
1.5 Crawler loaders
1.6 Backhoe
1.7 Bulldozers
1.8 Trenchers
1.9 Scrapers
1.10 Wheeled loading shovels

2. Construction Vehicle
2.1 Tippers
2.2 Dumbers
2.3 Trailers
2.4 Tankers

3. Material Handling Equipment
3.1 Crane
3.2 Conveyors
3.3 Hoists
3.4 ForkLifts

4.Construction Equipment
4.1 Concrete Mixture
4.2 Compactors
4.3 Pavers
4.4 Road Rollers

5. Tunneling Equipment
5.1 Road Headers
5.2 Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

6. Power Tools