There are 3 different types of Telebeacon® tags

1. BLE Tags
BLE tag is a small wireless battery operated sensor that can be attached to an asset or a person. These tags broadcasts small radio signals at a specified frequency. The 4 different BLE Tags are
a. Standard Tags
b. Panic Button Tags
c. Movement Tags(Motion, Vibration & Accelerometer Sensors)
d. Environment Tags(Temperature, Humidity, Lux & Soil Moisture Sensors)

2. RF Tags
RF tags are available in 3 frequency bands
a. 125 kHz Low Frequency (LF) Tags
b. 13.56 Mhz High Frequency (HF) Tags
c. 860-960 MHz Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Tags

BLE and RF Tags are available in different form factors.

3. Software Tags (Android/iOS)
The App running on a mobile phone can simulate as a software tag. The Gateway can read the software tag and update Telebeacon back-end server. The App can also work in GPS mode and update the server with GPS data and other parameters